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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions we could not answer? Click through our frequently asked questions about AR and our product. If we could not answer your questions, you can easily contact us with our contact form. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us here

Augmented Reality is a technology that blends the real world and virtual holograms together. With the help of various Augmented Reality-compatible devices, it is possible to see models, documents and various other kinds of files in the actual three-dimensional space in front of you.
While Augmented Reality combines the Real with the Digital world, Virtual Reality immerses the user in a completely new, virtual, world - Virtual Reality glasses completely shut out the real world.
Augmented Reality can be experienced on a variety of different devices. In its simplest form, Smartphones are able to make use of AR. For more sophisticated use and software, one of the several Augmented Reality Glasses on the market are required, such as the Microsoft Hololens or MagicLeap.
An Augmented Reality Device is required to make use of one of our modules. However, if purchasing a device is not an option, we offer attractive leasing options – contact us here.
In general, all our products are usable with just one Augmented Reality compatible device. To get the most use out of WORKSPACE, however, at least two devices are recommended..
While EXPERT is compatible with recently released Smartphones, Augmented Reality Glasses are required in order to be able to use the other modules.
In Order to assist with data integration, we work together with specialist JLS. We are happy to work on a custom solution with you.
At the time we do not offer any of our modules as a one-time purchase. Our modules can be purchased as a monthly-based subscription model. For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us.
Our subscription is generally renewable (and cancellable) on a monthly basis.
If you wish to purchase multiple modules for use in your company, just mention it sometime during the sales process. Thanks to the integration capabilities of 'sphere', adding a further module to your purchase can be achieved with little effort.
We offer a built-in CAD convertor with our WORKSPACE module. CAD models can be uploaded to our online Management Portal on the Computer, converted and then wirelessly synced with the Augmented Reality Glasses of your choice.
There are multiple ways to interact with a hologram. There are a variety of supported hand or finger gestures as well as voice commands to ensure the holograms do exactly what you want.
We abide by the highest standards in terms of data security. For any detailed questions, please consult our Factsheet concerning data security.
We offer ongoing support for all of our products. Please contact us so we can find the best support solution for your company together.
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