Benefits of Mixed Reality for Manufacturers

Benefits of Mixed Reality for Manufacturers

Mixed Reality aims to increase efficiency in operations by cutting down production time. This technology allows to quickly identify the issues and rapidly solving them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the uses Mixed Reality proves to be extremely useful to enterprises.


Accelerates product assembly


Specialists from technology companies spend a lot of time deciphering instructions and guidelines. Companies are looking for ways to speed up the assembly of machines and guarantee the highest quality of completed work.


Our module TASK is all about providing step-by-step instructions in order to guide users through complex workflows and troubleshooting processes. All one has to do is put on the MR headset and follow the instructions, which are displayed holographically.


Using MR in this way allows companies to get work done with less effort, lower error rates, and obtain finished products faster. Mixed reality can replace paper printouts and simultaneously provide interactive guidelines.



Simplifies repair and maintenance


Production facilities require constant maintenance and timely repair. Neglecting this can result in downtime and loss of planned revenues.


It can be problematic for companies to get highly specialized professionals. It’s also very expensive to keep them at each facility or to transfer them from site to site. With the help of MR headsets, a professional is able to keep the situation under control remotely, from any part of the world.


We address this issue with our third module EXPERT, where a user connects a Mixed Reality device to an expert for remote support. The experts can be located anywhere in the world and can connect through a variety of devices such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop.


This way, the onsite technician’s field of view is shared with an expert. The expert is able to support them in a much more sophisticated way. Not only are both parties connected by a live video stream, but the expert is able to share crucial information such as pictures, 3D models, videos, and PDF files, which are then visualized as holograms in the technician’s physical environment.


Train staff in a faster and more efficient way


New personnel has to be trained at complex production sites; just as experienced workers need to be retrained for new situations. This takes up time and money. Mixed Reality allows workers to learn as they go by following workflows step-by-step. Training is just like conventional walkthroughs, but is done on-site and interactively, with the content placed digitally into your environment. No beforehand training is necessary. Since it is that easy and intuitive, MR training can be done without the presence of supervisors, resulting in even greater cost savings.


It is key to understand that sphere is one unified software solution that addresses all these use-cases. Take, for example, an onsite technician that is being guided using the Mixed Reality headset through a complex workflow. It’s important that the technician can get in contact with a remote expert at any time, without having to leave the application or their active workflow session. With sphere, users can seamlessly transition between all use-cases to ensure they remain productive.

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