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The Mixed Reality Standard for Enterprises

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The Mixed Reality Standard for Enterprises

sphere is the first functional Mixed Reality solution that does not rely on heavy and expensive customization. It is an out-of-the-box solution for easy integration of MR into business processes in order to save time and money as well as increase quality. After purchasing a license from holo|one, sphere can be downloaded from a store of the user’s choice and put to use immediately.

sphere consists of three modules, each covering different use cases and industries. The cloud-based platform processes and saves data sent by the modules, eliminating the need to painstakingly integrate individual applications and making sure that all our current and future modules work together seamlessly.

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How to get started


Download sphere

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Download sphere to an MR-capable device and log in.


Choose a module

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Decide which modules you want to use in your company.


Use & Manage

Management Portal

Manage your users and data from our Management Portal.

Platform- & Device Independency

All applications are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. Our solution can be run on nearly all mobile devices, computers and Mixed Reality glasses. The use of different devices within the same company does not pose a problem. Currently, iOS, Android and Windows are supported with the support of MacOS being on the Horizon. Independent of platform choice, parts of our software can also be used as a browser application. In order to benefit from the entire range of our software’s functionality, we recommend using a spatial computing capable device such as the HoloLens (2) or the Magic Leap One.

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ERP & CRM Integration

We offer the integration of Information- and ERP systems already in use within the company. In order to keep any integration effort as small as possible, holo|one offers standardized integrations for a number of commercial systems. These integrations are part of the system, included in the licensing fees and only have to be configured for the customer.

Management Portal

The management portal is our web application designed for organizing and managing modules and users. Administrators can create new users and manage their rights. All module data can be managed from within the portal, running on a common PC. Examples for data management would be defining specialists for EXPERT, uploading 3D content for WORKSPACE or to create and edit checklists for TASK.

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