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Mixed Reality for Enterprise

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The MR collaboration and productivity platform for enterprise

sphere is a Mixed Reality platform for enterprises that does not rely on heavy and expensive customization. It is an out-of-the-box solution for easy integration of MR into business processes - with sphere, businesses can increase safety while saving time and money. It covers all common mixed reality use cases for use across several different industries, namely Remote Assistance, Digital Collaboration, Workflow Support and Life-Size Overlays. .

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Platform- & Device Independency

All applications are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. Our solution can be run on nearly all mobile devices, computers and Mixed Reality glasses. The use of different devices within the same company does not pose a problem. Currently, iOS, Android and Windows are supported with the support of MacOS being on the Horizon. Independent of platform choice, parts of our software can also be used as a browser application. In order to benefit from the entire range of our software’s functionality, we recommend using the Lenovo ThinkReality A3

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ERP & CRM Integration

We offer the integration of Information- and ERP systems already in use within the company. In order to keep any integration effort as small as possible, holo|one offers standardized integrations for a number of commercial systems. These integrations are part of the system, included in the licensing fees and only have to be configured for the customer.

Management Portal

The management portal is our web application designed for organizing and managing data and users. Administrators can create new users and manage their rights. All data created during the use of sphere can be managed from within the portal, running on a common PC. Examples for data management would be defining specialists for remote assistance, uploading 3D content for digital collaboration or to create and edit checklists for workflow guidance.

Asset Pipeline

A key part of sphere is the integrated Asset Pipeline, with which any media content can be brought into Mixed Reality - including images, audio files, videos, documents and even 3D/CAD models. With sphere, models do not need to be manually optimized - often saving days. The asset pipeline eliminates this expensive and cumbersome process, allowing users to upload their CAD files to sphere, where they are converted and optimized to MR-compatible 3D models within minutes.

Security & Cloud

sphere is hosted on the cloud for security and efficieny reasons. Daily backups and geo-redundant storage ensure that data will never be lost; a 256-bit AES encription for data at rest guarantees safety from attacks, and all transmissions are encrypted using SSL. Further, sphere is fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.

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