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AR Remote Assistance

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Reach out to expert knowledge – anywhere, anytime

EXPERT helps your company solve problems and errors of any kind remotely. With a wide array of Augmented Reality tools, EXPERT eliminates the need for a specialist’s physical presence. An employee looking for help can simply mount an Augmented Reality device and be matched with an expert in the field. The issue at hand can then be solved by the local employee being assisted remotely, saving the company travel costs and eliminating downtime of critical machinery.

holo expert call
holo expert call

Working with EXPERT

Machinery critical to your business suddenly stops running

Because the machine is highly specialized, nobody on site knows how to fix it. Up until now, a specialist had to be sent on site in order to competently fix the machine, amassing travel costs and extending the machinery’s downtime.


With EXPERT, the issue can be resolved on-site

With EXPERT’s sophisticated AR tools such as 3D drawing or visualizing instructional videos, documents and holograms, it is possible for a business-own expert to remotely coach an employee on site how to fix the machinery.

EXPERT Call Drawing

Eliminate travel costs & machinery downtime

An expert watching every step of the process as if through the local employee’s own eyes ensures that there will be no missteps or lack of quality. Having resolved the issue quickly on-site, the company just eliminated travel costs as well as machinery downtime.

EXPERT Call Worker




Contact us now and get a test-account as well as a an introduction in the EXPERT module for free.



Download sphere, containing the EXPERT module, to an AR-compatible device* and log in with your test account.

*e.g. Microsoft HoloLens (can be rented through holo|one)



Test our solution for free for a period of two weeks and see for yourself the innovation that is the EXPERT module.

The Augmented Reality Standard for Enterprises

sphere is an AR platform developed by holo|one and used by businesses worldwide. The cloud-based solution combines the modules depicted below into a singular application in order to maximize integration potential and guarantee a seamless end-user experience.


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