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Augmented Workflow

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MR guided workflow and training

TASK can be used in any corporation relying on routine tasks and processes. Create MR checklists, manuals or other documents in order to assist your workers and collect data such as time per step and error rates to help you find bottlenecks.

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Working with TASK

Speed up employee training

Create your own business-specific Mixed Reality instructions that will be displayed to trainees during processes. Supported by checklists, manuals and relevant information to the task at hand, error rate during training will be reduced and the learning process sped up significantly.

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Ensure quality of routine processes

The same method used to improve training can be employed to assist during routine work. Through visualizing of MR checklists, error rate in routine processes caused by inattention is reduced and quality increased.

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Analyze real-life data for process optimization

TASK gathers and analyzes information about processes down to the individual steps. View statistics about time needed to complete steps, error-prone tasks and more in order to optimize processes as well as find and eliminate bottlenecks.

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The Mixed Reality Standard for Enterprises

sphere is an MR platform developed by holo|one and used by businesses worldwide. The cloud-based solution combines the modules depicted below into a singular application in order to maximize integration potential and guarantee a seamless end-user experience.


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