Augmented Collaboration

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Real-time collaboration in an augmented workspace

Enter a new age of MR-supported collaboration with our WORKSPACE module. Enhance meetings with automatically converted CAD models displayed in Mixed Reality and explain your thoughts by freely placing files such as videos and documents anywhere in the room. Remote participants are represented by a lifelike avatar for a real interaction experience. Should you feel the need to take the discussion to the actual site, our ‘1:1 overlay’ feature helps you visualize your projects where they will eventually be built.

holo one workspace shared view

Working with WORKSPACE

Use your CAD models in Mixed Reality

With our unique CAD-to-MR pipeline, you can display your CAD models in Mixed Reality without any trouble. The models are adapted with little loss of quality and look just as detailed in the real world as they do on screen.


Share ideas with coworkers or customers, remotely or locally

Visualize your CAD models as well as other files such as videos, documents or audio recordings in Mixed Reality and discuss them with other people. Participants don’t even have to be in the same room – remote users are represented by an avatar mimicking their gaze and gestures. Such shared sessions can be saved and loaded up again at your discretion – continue meetings just where you left off!

WORKSPACE Collaboration

Visualize your project at its construction site

Should discussion have to be taken out of the office space, we provide a solution for all building and project sites. With WORKSPACE, you can create a life-sized overlay of any 3D model of your choice and put it onto its designated location.

WORKSPACE Collaboration

Test WORKSPACE for free

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The Mixed Reality Standard for Enterprises

sphere is an MR platform developed by holo|one and used by businesses worldwide. The cloud-based solution combines the modules depicted below into a singular application in order to maximize integration potential and guarantee a seamless end-user experience.


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